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Wellness Committee

The Brooklyn Center Community Schools District Wellness Committee currently meets on the third Thursday of each month. The meeting schedule is based on members attending availability, and is flexible based on need. Currently, the committee meets remotely via Zoom.
We welcome family members, community members, students, staff and partners to join us. We are committed to and embrace the various approaches to thriving health and wellness across cultures and invite BIPOC members of our schools and community to share your interests and expertise. If you are unable to attend the meetings, but would like to be involved, there is a place for you! We often have subcommittees that work on time-limited wellness projects. Please contact the Wellbeing Specialist at for more information. 
The District Wellness Committee works to keep the District Wellness Policy current and aligned with federal and state mandates as well as our community needs and interests. We also plan and implement the many employee, student and community wellness initiatives and programs throughout the school year, which we work to align with current grants and projects.

Check out the 2023-24 Wellness Program Calendar. Most of the programs are available to the staff, families and community, including low-cost yoga and fitness classes through generous funding from Medica. Visit our Eleyo registration site seasonally to view the Community Education Adult Enrichment programs and stay updated on some of the Wellness programs. The Top Five Wellness Tips offer simple-to-implement daily practices to support your self-care habits. 


BCCS is pleased to announce we have received the 2023 msp Wellness Champion designation. (BCCS is listed on page four.) We have earned this recognition for two years in a row, which acknowledges the work we have implemented around employee wellbeing.

Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM made Alliance for a Healthier Generation's 2023 list of America's Healthiest Schools in recognition of our implementation of Employee Wellness for ECA! This recognition celebrates schools for their achievements in advancing the physical, mental and social-emotional health of students, staff and families.

Read the Healthy Schools Story of Achievement that the CDC published about BCCS.

BCCS 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Mental Health

- safely experiencing and expressing emotions; practicing self-care; sexuality; optimism; self-esteem, self-acceptance; resiliency



- respectful of surroundings and nature; understand personal and collective accountability for the quality of air, water, and earth; awareness that environments affect our well-being



- skills to manage monetary resources; making informed financial decisions; setting realistic financial goals



- lifelong learning, curiosity; exploring creative outlets; play


Inner Self

- self-reflection; activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values; practicing gratitude; having a meaning and purpose in life



- participating in work that provides purpose, satisfaction and life enrichment that is consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle



- healthy lifestyle choices (nutrition, physical activity, quality sleep, monitored screen time, etc.); absence of illness; practicing habits that help the body feel eased



- lawareness and accountability to your social, racial, cultural and gender identities; understanding the diversity of other identities and backgrounds; engaged in your community; developing meaningful relationships; opening and holding space for others



  • Action For Healthy Kids: BCCS is excited to announce that we have received the Healthy Meals Incentive grant! We were awared $144,000 over two years to implement internal scratch cooking skills for kitchen staff, nutrition education and activities for staff and students and a Healthy Meals Advisory consisting of students, family members and staff. 
  • SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Partnership): SHIP funding is from the MN Legislature and is distributed through Hennepin County to Brooklyn Center Community Schools. The funding in 2023-24 will support Safe Routes to School programming and active seating solutions for middle school classrooms.
  • MNDOT Boost Grant and MN Bicycle Alliance: BCCS was the proud recipient of the MNDOT Boost grant and procured a district bike fleet in the spring of 2023! The bike fleet is used in PE classes, across multiple grades, and in Out of School Time and Family and Community Engagement programs. In addition, staff have the opportunity to attend Walk, Bike, Fun curriculum training, through MN Bicycle Alliance, in order to use the bikes with students. Families, students and community members are encouraged to join the District Safe Routes To School steering committee to share the needs and interests of all stakeholders around walking, biking and other forms of Active Transportation.


  • Medica supports BCCS employees with Wellness Credits that the Wellness Committee uses to supply holistic wellbeing programs and courses, such as movement and fitness, nutrition education, mindfulness sessions and more. Find registration information on the BCCS Eleyo site.
  • BCCS is also excited to implement the Harvest of the Month project through the MN Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with the MN Department of Education, for the third year in a row. During the 2023-24 school year we will offer monthly cafeteria taste tests, featuring locally-sourced produce and foods and using culturally diverse recipes.
  • The Trust For Public Land: BCCS is excited about our partnership with The Trust for Public Land! This partnership is helping to drive the creation of reimagined outdoor spaces at Brooklyn Center Elementary (BCE). Throughout the process, staff, students, families and community partners will work together to design and implement new BCE schoolyards. The Trust for Public Land states, "A Healthy Community Schoolyard is a school space reimagined to address issues of health, equity, and climate, designed through a community-led participatory design process, and open and welcoming to the public."   
  • The BCCS District Nutrition Guidelines Committee, comprised of students, parents, staff and partners, worked to develop a set of nutrition guidelines from which the District Nutrition Services and the school administration teams work. After a comprehensive needs and interest assessment of our community, three foundational guidelines were identified and are being implemented. The scratch cooking guideline is supported by the 2023 Ingredient Guide for Better School Food Purchasing.