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Celebrations, Events & Fundraisers

Classroom Celebrations and Events

Brooklyn Center Community Schools District #286 is committed to the health and wellness of each student. Birthday and other celebrations provide a unique way to shift the focus from foods with potential health risks (allergens, added sugars, etc.) to celebrating the child and creating an equitable, safe and inclusive environment for each student.
Parents who would like to acknowledge a child’s birthday in the classroom, please consider the following suggestions and be sure to talk with the teacher in advance to ensure it will work as planned. In order to keep the school a productive learning environment that is safe and inclusive for each student please do not bring foods, sweetened beverages or balloons into the classroom for celebrations.
Some ideas for families:
  • Donate a book to the classroom library.

  • Have a family member bring and read a book to the class.

  • Bring in a t-shirt for classmates and teachers to sign.

  • Provide non-food prizes such as small school supplies (pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.).

  • Organize a game or craft for the classroom.

  • Volunteer in the classroom.

  • Visit the class and talk about celebrations in your culture.

  • Share your favorite story/fable/myth.

  • Teach the class a child’s celebration song.

  • Be creative—come up with your own idea to celebrate at school without food.

The Classroom Celebrations flier is available for staff and as a resource for families.

Thank you for supporting your child, and each of the students, to learn, to be healthy, and to be the best they can be.

Click here for more ideas from the organization Action for Healthy Kids.

School Events

Brooklyn Center Community Schools hosts numerous school events within the various buildings, such as Family Night events, athletic activities, dances, or performances, to name a few.

The district wellness policy states:
"Edible items provided during school-sponsored events will be consistent with the current USDA guidelines for Americans and Federal Register, with an expectation on providing Smart Snacks compliant foods as the primary snacks and water as the primary beverage."


School fundraisers are a necessary part of the school system, and are an opportunity to support wellness efforts, help build community and to create a fun and engaging experience for students, families and staff. The District Wellness Policy #533 states: "Use of non-edible items, physical activity, and academic pursuits will be the expectation for fundraisers. If edible items are used for fundraisers, items will be consistent with the current USDA guidelines for Americans, Smart Snacks Guidelines, and Federal Register, while following food safety regulations."

Marketing Foods and beverages sold or distributed to the students during the school day are to meet the USDA and Smart Snacks guidelines. Click here to learn more about the effect of marketing of brands and products within the schools.