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New courts brought increased Centaur spirit to fall sports

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

This is the second of a two-part story. To read part 1, click here.


When it comes to school pride, there’s nothing like a home game to ramp it up. After the installment of new tennis and sports courts over the summer, students have found themselves in an entirely different environment than they’ve had in recent years.

“Numbers did increase from the previous two seasons,” Nate Gautsch, athletic director, said of those on the tennis team. “Students did notice the new courts and I heard them talking about them in a positive way. The tennis team members really enjoyed being able to play on new courts, and having eight courts was a huge bonus being able to play multiple matches at one time and mix up competition based upon results as we played.”

The new on-site courts have had a positive impact on not only students, but coaches and physical education teachers as well. 

“Being able to coach on new courts has been amazing,” said Ted Harding, tennis coach. “Having courts on-site made it possible to use the tennis ball machines and the players could use the locker rooms. The girls really enjoyed having new courts and the extra equipment for practice.”

While the tennis season ended in October, the addition included multipurpose sport courts used for pickleball, volleyball and other physical education activities that impact all students at Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM (BCMHS).

“Physical Education was really excited about having multi-purpose courts available. Tennis was brought back to the curriculum and now pickleball will be added. The courts are a great space for getting outside activity time. The sports court surface also worked well with students in wheelchairs and adjustable basketball hoops could accommodate the adaptive classes,” said Gautsch.
Between these additions and Friday night lights brought back to BCMHS thanks to the Thielen Foundation, it’s hard not to feel an increase in Centaur spirit for the 2021-2022 school year.