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Newly expanded BCCS department continues district’s equity focus

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

As it works to advance its new mission, vision and core values, Brooklyn Center Community Schools has created a new collaborative leadership team focused on supporting staff as they create equitable learning experiences for all students. 

Members of the expanded equity department include:

  • Nuhu Sims, equity director
  • Ryan Oto, research and equity coordinator
  • Asha Omar, equity teacher
  • Tom Parks, equity teacher

While all four members are existing employees of BCCS, the collaboration and expansion of the team is new as of the 2021-2022 school year. Sims and Omar worked on the district’s equity efforts last year; Oto and Parks both were teachers at Brooklyn Center High School. The focus of their work will be to engage colleagues across the district to help elevate all voices in an effort to challenge and change district practices rooted in racism and oppression. 

“We believe that school systems can change if the oppression rooted in the origin and maintenance of public schooling is replaced with a justice-centered paradigm,” said Sims. “We hope to continue to create schools and learning opportunities that recognize the humanity of every person in our community.”

More information about the equity department and its work will be added to the district website in the coming weeks.