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We Go Beyond: Kim Calhoun

We Go Beyond

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

In Brooklyn Center, we’re not afraid to lead. With ferocity. With compassion. And with a sense of restless purpose rooted in the work of anti-racism. What makes us different from other school districts? We take the time and effort to amplify voices before we develop ways of serving. We’re dedicated to radical intentionality, measuring success in lives changed. Every student. Every family. Every staff member. In a world where you can get by with meeting expectations, we go beyond. 

Through this campaign called We Go Beyond, we share the ways our staff dedicate themselves to go beyond for our students and families. 

What is your first and last name?

Kim Calhoun

What site/program do you work at?

Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM

What is your position?

Clerical receptionist

How long have you been with the district?

5.5 years

What does "going beyond" mean to you?

“Going beyond” means coming in ready to work, staying ready so I don't have to get ready. Making sure I can provide students, families, and staff, what they ask for or need promptly and respectfully. I show every individual that I am here for them when they need me.

How do you go beyond for students, families, and the community?

I always treat students, families, and my community with respect. I go above and beyond to answer all questions when they are asked. If I don't have or know the answer, believe me when I say I will before the end of the day. I love to feed everyone in my community. I give what I can every chance I get. I smile and respond to each parent, yes ma'am and yes sir. This shows everyone that I hear all their needs. I show that I stand front and center each and every day.

In Brooklyn Center, we strive to center and amplify student voice. How do you center and amplify student voice?

Although I don't have students, I am an acting parent for all BCS students.

We Go Beyond: Kim Calhoun