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Class of 2021: Naryiah Smythe

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

We are celebrating the class of 2021 and how they endured this past year’s challenges by standing front and center. Students who stand front and center live out the values of BCCS every day. They act with integrity. They demonstrate pride, passion, and perseverance. They seek to understand others, embrace the differences between us, and show empathy. Join us as we honor their hard work and look forward to their bright futures.

What is your first and last name?

Naryiah Smythe

Which school do you attend?

Early College Academy

How many years have you attended school in the district?


What groups, activities or sports have you been involved in throughout your high school career?

Brooklynk, PSEO

What is your favorite memory of high school?

Graduating and going to college

Is there a staff member who has gone beyond for you? If so, who? How have they gone beyond?

Ms. Guinn and Ms. Smart. Let’s just say if it wasn’t for these two going beyond for me I wouldn’t be graduating with everything I am now. They have helped me so much throughout the year.

Brooklyn Center Community Schools stands front and center for Collaboration, Inclusivity and Unity. What do you stand front and center for?

Graduating and going to the Navy

What does it mean to you to be a Centaur?

To try your best and work hard every day for what YOU want in life and in your future.

What are your plans after graduation?

College and the Navy

What advice would you give someone just starting high school?

Don’t go too fast, take your time, take advantage of the opportunities that are handed to you because they will help. Always ask for help when you need it no matter what cause you’ll get your answer and more.

Class of 2021 - Naryiah Smythe