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Students discover their own paths through AVID

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program at Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM is one of many ways that Brooklyn Center Community Schools (BCCS) prepares students for life beyond the classroom walls. Through this daily elective course, students learn and refine skills such as note-taking, organization and time management. They also have the opportunity to craft resumes, research careers of interest, and apply for scholarships and financial aid. 

At its core, AVID exists to close the opportunity gap for students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Teachers strive to close the gap through equity training and forming relationships with their students. 

“The premise is to put everyone on an equal playing field so that they have a choice in what they want to do next,” said Andrea Kemink, AVID coordinator at BCM&HS. 

In her classroom, Kemink tailors the curriculum to the topics that the class would like to focus on. This year, ninth and tenth graders had the opportunity to visit students at Earle Brown Elementary and become “reading buddies” with fourth and fifth graders. AVID students have also participated in community service projects to build their resumes and explore their interests. During Distance Learning, students have continued their AVID experience through readings, assignments, online hangouts and mental health check-ins.

AVID is built on the belief that students are active partners in their own education and choose their own path. The program is available as an elective starting in sixth grade. In order to participate, students must apply and interview. Once students are accepted, they remain eligible for the program for their entire BCCS career. This model of retaining students throughout their BCCS careers allows teachers to get to know the students and grow with them, crafting a curriculum that truly fits students' needs.
To learn more about AVID for the 2020-2021 school year, contact your student’s counselor or AVID Coordinator Andrea Kemink at

11th grade

AVID 11th Grade

8th grade

8th grade AVID Minnesota State Mankato College Trip 2019

second harvest heartland

Rachel Arran Torres and Daisy Adams - 9th Grade - Second Harvest Heartland fall 2019