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Branding Update – December 2019

On Monday, December 9, the Brooklyn Center Community Schools’ School Board heard an update about the rebranding project. CESO Communication presented the update to the board. CESO was hired this summer to assist the district with the rebranding project. The goal of the district’s rebrand is to create an updated visual identity that aligns with the organizational identity. The rebrand will also help shape messaging for telling our story and marketing the district.

While the board saw new logos and messaging for the district on December 9, staff members, families, students and the greater community will see an official announcement with the updated logos and tagline in the beginning of 2020. 

What’s included in the rebranding project?

The district logo, tagline and other branding elements will be updated following the completion of the process. There will also be updates made to the athletic mascot, the Centaur. The district will continue to use purple as its primary color. Some programs will also be renamed and have new visuals created. 

Why is the district rebranding?

Brooklyn Center Community Schools (BCCS) is in the process of redefining itself from the inside out. Thanks to the support of the community, the district is currently updating its facilities to better accommodate the learning needs of today and the future. Starting this spring, the district will begin writing the 2025 Strategic Plan. The mission and values will remain the same, however, priority areas will be modified to look at the district’s needs over the next five years. Additionally, the district will be recommitting to its community schools focus and continue implementation of the STEAM magnet program. 

What has already been completed?

Throughout this fall, the district partnered with CESO Communication to conduct focus groups with students and staff. The district also conducted a community-wide survey to better gauge what our community values about BCCS. This information helped CESO create visuals and messaging for the rebranding project.  

What’s next?

More information about the branding roll-out will take place in January 2020.