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Board Highlights, Branding Update – December 9, 2019

Brooklyn Center Community Schools’ School Board met for a regular meeting on Monday, December 9, 2019. The annual Truth in Taxation hearing was also held. These are the highlights. 


Jeff Wilson, principal of Earle Brown Elementary STEAM, recognized the student support team, including Reginald Moore, John Wiley, Heather Ward and Errol Mentor. This team works tirelessly with our students, to problem solve and find solutions to immediate challenges. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students. 

Constance Robinson, principal of the Early College Academy, recognized Katherine Kunz for joining the ECA family to support our English and reading department. She’s an asset to the ECA community.

Jena Carlson, director of curriculum and instruction, recognized Ellen Morehouse, Jane Gottfried, and Kendrick Davies for their ongoing commitment to the development of strong library programs that provide our students with warm, welcoming library environments that develop and foster their curiosity and love of learning. Ellen, Jane, and Kendrick recently completed an application for a federal grant that, if awarded, will provide us with additional funding to update the furniture in our libraries, expand our library service hours to provide additional access during out of school times, and develop a wifi hotspot and laptop checkout program.

Jessica Richter, director of early learning, recognized Jakarta Turner, along with the Baby Steps staff, continue to drive the district’s goals by eliminating barriers for our teen parents and offer support in any way they can. They help with paperwork, caring for their little one, helping with parenting advice and much more! 

Tammy Albers, director of human resources, recognized Michelle Auld, wellness coordinator. Shel demonstrated great organizational skills and leadership in coordinating the first annual wellness benefits fair. Shel worked tirelessly to plan and prepare for this event, which was a huge success and appreciated by all who attended. 

Jim Langevin, director of operations, recognized Tara Drey, director of communions, for all her help with a timely message to the community, students and staff regarding the snow day closure. Thank you very much for all you do!

Dierdra Yarbro, director of special services, recognized Debbie Erickson and the health services staff for keeping our students safe. Dierdra also recognized school psychologists Cassie Bjerke-Armstrong (EBE, ECSE) and Karen Leslie (BCS) for their continual guidance in the special education evaluation process as we keep moving towards our CAP goal of improving due process compliance. MDE will be on-site next year as part of the continuous improvement/monitoring cycle that reviews our special education programming, processes, and due process practices.

Seth Ryan, director of community engagement, recognized Ella Paxton for the work see does in the LEAP 21 program. Ella is a positive role model who is willing to help out whenever and wherever needed. Ella helps out with engagement events, at multiple programs and locations. Ella has a way of engaging students in a supportive and positive way. Thank you, Ella.


School Highlight: Early College Academy

Christine Salokar, teacher at the Early College Academy (ECA), presented with ECA students about the MAAP Stars program. Through a partnership with the Brand Lab, MAAP Stars students learn about marketing, business and leadership skills. Brand Lab is a non-profit organization that offers internships to high school students interested in advertising and marketing. 

Budget Update

Sara Bratsch, director of finance, presented a budget update. The district also held its annual Truth in Taxation hearing at the beginning of the meeting. 

Branding Update

Bob Noyed from CESO Communication presented an update on the rebranding project. Click here for more information about the rebranding project. 

Community Surveys

Peter Leatherman, from The Morris Leatherman Company, presented information about surveys that were distributed in the community. His presentation focused on results from an outbound survey, meaning our resident families who have chosen a different district or school for their children.  


Student Board Representatives 

Brooklyn Center High School STEAM senior Shawny Minter and Early College Academy senior Bryant Carachure were recognized for their year of service as student board representatives. The Brooklyn Center School Board has two students serve one-year terms starting in January. Shawny said from her time on the board, she learned how to provide input on behalf of her peers. Bryant said he is inspired to look into a career in public service. Thank you both for your time on the board! 


The board took action on the following items:

  • Approved the final levy resolution
  • Approved the budget update
  • Approved the proposed 2020-2021 calendar for Insight Online School
  • Approved the special request to the grades K-2 suspension moratorium language
  • Approved the second reading of the following revised board policies:
    • 518 DNR-DNI Orders
    • 519 Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies
    • 529 Staff Notification of Violent Behavior by Students
    • 530 Immunization Requirements
  • Approved the first reading of the following revised board policies:
    • 505 Distribution of Non-school Sponsored Materials on School premises by Students and Employees
    • 511 Student Fundraising
    • 512 School Sponsored Student Publications and Activities