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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Did you know that there are significant racial, ethnic, and socio-economic disparities in access to dental health services? Brooklyn Center Community Schools works with partners to increase access to medical and dental services for our students and families. 

As a Community School District, we have a growing set of partnerships between our schools and community organizations to provide educational, enrichment and support services so that our children can be safe and stable in school, at home, and in the community. These partnerships help us to serve the whole child, including before and after school programs; mental, medical and dental services; academic supports; and family resource centers. This model allows us to eliminate barriers to learning and raise healthy and happy children together in partnership with those we serve.

Brooklyn Center’s Health Resource Center offers free and low-cost medical, dental, and mental health services to youth of Brooklyn Center Schools and community ages 0-19. These dental services provide a full range of restorative and preventative care during the school day. These services will support families who are insured and will work with those who are uninsured on a sliding scale discount program.

Interested in dental services?
To receive services, a completed written and signed consent form is needed by the parent or guardian and is required annually for all children and youth for the following services: medical treatment, including immunizations, dental treatments, eye-exams, and mental health services. Click here to fill out your HRC Packet!

If you have questions, please call 763-450-3385 ext 5100 or email

The Brooklyn Center Health Resource Center is made possible by our generous sponsors, Park Nicollet Foundation and the United Way; and by our community partners: Park Nicollet Health Services, The Annex Teen Clinic, Children’s Dental Services, Cornerstone MN, North Psychology Clinic, POR Emotional Wellness, The Family Partnership, Portico Healthnet, Arubah Emotional Health, and Brooklyn Center Community Schools District.