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This is My BC: Michelle Barrera Garcia

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

At Brooklyn Center Community Schools, we know that each of our students has dreams and aspirations. They have ideas and interests that fuel everything they do. Through this campaign called This Is My BC, we take a look at how BC helps students pursue their potential. 

For Michelle Barrera Garcia, much of her time at BCCS was spent preparing for her future. Garcia just graduated from Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM and is excited to use the tools she acquired to kickstart her future. 

When she looks back on her time in BCCS, her involvement in Genesys Works made a huge impact on her high school career. “Genesys Works has been a huge help to me since I got involved in the program,” said Garcia. “It helped me develop professional skills, gain experience in the workplace and earn money.” 

Garcia spent her senior year involved in the program where she was placed to work at Target along with her peers who were a part of the program. “I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this program, and I am excited about all of the skills I have gained through this experience,” she said. 

Garcia plans to take these skills into college with her next year, where she hopes to eventually get a degree and move into studying law. Garcia will be the first in her family to go to college, and hopes to use her personal experiences to help guide her future career path. “I have really always thought about being a lawyer,” said Garcia. “My family comes from Mexico and they had to go through the immigration process with a lot of help from immigration lawyers. I want to be able to help families like mine.”

When Garcia reflects over the last few years at BCMHS, she credits both Genesys Works and her college and career counselor Mrs. Hayden for a lot of her success and motivation. “Mrs. Hayden was someone who really supported me throughout high school and pushed me to be where I am today,” said Garcia. “She always showed us all of the things we could do if we worked hard for it.” 

When Garcia is not in school or working at her job through Genesys Works, she likes to read and go on long walks.