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Class of 2022: Joana Enriquez Lopez

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

As we look to graduation, we celebrate the class of 2022 and all of their accomplishments. Students who stand front and center live out the values of BCCS every day: They act with integrity and they demonstrate pride, passion, and perseverance. They seek to understand others, embrace the differences between us, and show empathy. Join us as we honor their hard work and look forward to their bright futures.

What is your first and last name?

Joana Enriquez Lopez

Which school do you attend?

Brooklyn Center High School STEAM

How many years have you attended school in the district?


What groups, activities, or sports have you been involved in throughout your high school career?

Student Representative for the School Board, Youth Intern for YPAR (Youth Participatory Action Research), Cross Country, Track, BCCS Needs Assessment Team, Student Council, Youth Leadership Council, Student Management Committee, Equity Committee, Youth Intern with the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth, and Youth Intern for the Response and Recovery Fund Committee.

What is your favorite memory of high school?

My favorite memory of high school is spending time with the adults in my life who dedicated their time and energy to help me grow as a person, a student, and as a leader.

Is there a staff member who has gone beyond for you? If so, who? How have they gone beyond?

There are five staff members in Brooklyn Center High School that have gone beyond any expectations I could ever have and those people are Thomas Parks, Ryan Oto, Josh Fraser, Amina Smaller, and Joshua Fuchs. These five people have tremendously impacted my life in ways I could never imagine whether they know it or not. My younger, present, and future self thanks them for the effort they've put into helping me grow not only intellectually but emotionally.

Brooklyn Center Community Schools stands front and center for Collaboration, Inclusivity and Unity. What do you stand front and center for?

I stand front and center for passion, vulnerability, and action.

What does it mean to you to be a Centaur?

To be a Centaur means standing with the community, not over or back. There will be people who may try to stand over you or say they "stand with you" but they're really standing back. Standing next to each other even when things are hard is what being a Centaur really means.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plan after graduation is attending Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on a full ride scholarship. I chose to attend this school because it resembles a similar mission that Brooklyn Center High School has and I plan to major in Education.

What advice would you give someone just starting high school?

Advice I would give to incoming high school students is to not be afraid to open up a little to adults. Giving a little of you will give you a lot more back. Another piece of advice I would give is to seek opportunities and remember that in the end, your own well being should be your priority.