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Celebrating scholarship recipients at Brooklyn Center High School

Friday, May 20, 2022

Brooklyn Center High School celebrated their annual Scholarship Award Ceremony on Friday, May 13, 2022. This annual ceremony recognizes and honors graduating seniors who have received scholarships. Students, families, teachers and staff, and district administrators were in attendance to celebrate the Class of 2022’s amazing accomplishments. 

Below is a list of all the scholarship recipients - congratulations Class of 2022!

The Questbridge Scholarship

  • Peaches Cooper -  Carleton College
  • Devin Dennis - Carleton College

The Dell Scholarship

  • Devin Dennis

The ActSix Scholarship

  • Jasmine Lee - North Central University
  • Egan Moua - Augsburg University
  • Lee’RayVone Gibson - Augsburg University
  • Samdi Williams - North Central University
  • Garcia Lumppio - Bethel University

The Wallin Scholarship

  • Pa Chai Chang
  • Mashahir Fadul
  • Alexander Garduño Garcia
  • Garcia Lumppio
  • See Lor
  • Egan Moua
  • Elizabeth Faith Karpah

The Centaur Foundation Scholarship

  • Aliza Lee
  • Elizabeth Faith Karpah
  • Alex Garduño Garcia

The BC Student School Board Representative Recognition

  • Joana Enriquez Lopez

The Rotary Club Scholarship

  • Emely Velazquez Garcia

The Women’s Club Scholarship

  • Jasmine Lee

The Education MN Scholarship

  • See Lor

The Rose Rees Peace Award

  • Lee’RayVone Gibson

The Diamond in the Rough Scholarship

  • Alexander Garduño Garcia

The Lions Club Scholarship

  • Michel Bagana

The Linda and Becky Scheid Scholarship

  • Nicholas Her
  • Warren Kinney
  • Laisha Fonseca Perez
  • Tracy Konah
  • Michelle Barrera Garcia

The Korean Presbyterian Church Scholarship

  • Eshanti Johnson
  • Joana Enriquez Lopez

The Centaur Staff Scholarship

  • Pa Chia Chang
  • Mashahir Fadul

The Genesys Works Award

  • Briana Keothammakhoon
  • Pa Chia Chang
  • Aniya Dudley
  • Lee’RayVone Gibson
  • Elizabeth Faith Karpah
  • Peaches Cooper
  • Devin Dennis
  • Donnie Yang
  • Michelle Barrera Garcia
  • Aliina Erkkila

This ceremony also recognized and celebrated the accomplishments of students in the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. The AVID program helps students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education prepare for college. AVID teaches skills and behaviors for academic success, provides intensive support through tutorials and strong student/teacher relationships, creates a positive peer group for students, and develops a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination. AVID students participate in the AVID elective course each day and enroll in additional rigorous courses, including advanced courses, CIS/CN, and PSEO courses. 

Below is a list of all the seniors who participated in AVID - congratulations!

Class of 2022 AVID Graduates

  • Egan Moua
  • Garcia Lumppio
  • Gariela Barreto Gil
  • Jefferson Johnson
  • See Lor
  • Joana Enriquez Lopez

Along with recognizing and honoring seniors, the ceremony also announced the top 10 students in each grade. These students have the highest GPA in their grade and were recognized for their hard work.

Below is a list of all the top 10 students - congratulations on your hard work!

Academic Top 10: 9th Grade Scholars

  1. Melody Yang
  2. Shinningstar Xiong
  3. Tamie Wong
  4. Agertu Roba
  5. Cristian Meja Aguilar
  6. Jennifer Morales Bravo
  7. Fanny Monfil
  8. Jakelin Ramirez Sanchez
  9. Cecelia Nyangacha
  10. Ameika Douglas

Academic Top 10: 10th Grade Scholars

  1. Ashly Xiong
  2. Lidia Tesfay
  3. Guadalupe Garduno Garcia
  4. Moises Soto Puente
  5. Dylan Moua
  6. Erica Lee
  7. Abriel Foster
  8. Jezarius Sheldon
  9. Seham Haybe
  10. Matthew Chang

Academic Top 10: 11th Grade Scholars

  1. Fenan Gudina
  2. Caitlin Khang
  3. Na’taliyah Edison
  4. Jacob Yang
  5. Adamina Moua
  6. Chanelle Klatt
  7. Isaac Vue
  8. Keenaara Vue
  9. Nora Ly
  10. Makayla Mason

Academic Top 10: 12th Grade Scholars

  1. Garcia Lumppio
  2. Peaches Cooper
  3. Devin Dennis
  4. Elizabeth Faith Karpah
  5. See Lor
  6. Jonathan Monfil
  7. David Ly
  8. Mashahir Fadul
  9. Pa Chia Chang
  10. Andy Pena Medina