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Beyond BC: Raven Behringer

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Each staff member in BCCS has a full life outside of school walls. There are forces that drive them and lead them to stand front and center in their lives in many ways. Through this campaign called Beyond BC, we invite staff to showcase their uniqueness and authentic selves. 

Raven Behringer, first grade teacher at Brooklyn Center Elementary STEAM, has learned a lot about herself and the education field during her first year of teaching. The most impactful thing that this school year has taught her is the importance of relying on the support and encouragement of others in order to grow. 

“Being my first year, I have had so many challenges pop up but I was able to learn from and overcome them,” said Behringer. There are so many people here at BCCS who are supportive and helped me through the challenges. It felt so good to know that I have people in my corner.” 

Before starting at Brooklyn Center Elementary STEAM last fall, Behringer was student teaching in Minneapolis as part of her Masters program through the University of Minnesota. “I stumbled across BCCS looking for job opportunities, and what drew me in right away was the mission statement and justice-centered educational approach and equal opportunities for all,” she said. “When I was able to tour the building and meet some of the staff, it only solidified the fact that I wanted to be here.” 

For as long as she can remember, Behringer always wanted to work in the education field. She has always loved working with kids, a passion that was fostered by volunteering with her mom at church in Sunday school. “I love being that helping hand and offering guidance for these students,” she said. “I find it so fulfilling to be the person that my students go to when they are curious, sad or scared.” 

When she is not fulfilling her passions in the classroom, you can find Behringer playing the piano or the ukulele in her free time. She learned to play the piano when she was eight years old, continued through high school and still plays to this day. “Playing the piano is how I unwind when I am feeling stressed or upset,” she said. “If I need some creative time for myself, I can turn to my music.” Her music keeps her grounded in her personal time, as well as starting out her week each Sunday attending her church. 

Behringer also loves to travel and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study abroad during her time in college. During this season she visited Paris, Italy and Spain. Her middle name and family heritage is Irish so to pay homage she made a special trip to Ireland. Another one of Behringer’s passions is the Green Bay Packers, her hometown team and rival of many of her coworkers, which makes for some fun competition during football season. 

When Behringer reflects on her first year teaching at BCCS, it all comes back to her students. “BCCS has given me the opportunity to foster that joy in my students each and every day,” she said. “The best part is that they foster that joy in me as well. Teaching is my passion and I can't imagine doing anything else.”