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We Go Beyond: Alyssa Johnson


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

In Brooklyn Center, we’re not afraid to lead. With ferocity. With compassion. And with a sense of restless purpose rooted in the work of anti-racism. What makes us different from other school districts? We take the time and effort to amplify voices before we develop ways of serving. We’re dedicated to radical intentionality, measuring success in lives changed. Every student. Every family. Every staff member. In a world where you can get by with meeting expectations, we go beyond. 

Through this campaign called We Go Beyond, we share the ways our staff dedicate themselves to go beyond for our students and families. 

What is your first and last name?

Alyssa Johnson

What site/program do you work at?

Centaur Beginnings

What is your position?

Lead teacher

How long have you been with the district?

3 years

What does "going beyond" mean to you?

To me, going beyond means to do your absolute best to be present. Being there in times of need whether that be for a child, a student in another program, for a family, or even your co-workers/place of employment. Being present is helpful for consistency, communication, and being aware of the bigger picture. These are things that a person from any background can thrive and succeed in.

How do you go beyond for students, families, and the community?

I do my best to be helpful and active, whether that means staying after-hours or working another program when they need help, doing things outside of my normal everyday duties, and the things that go along with my job like emailing updates to parents and helping children reach goals.

In Brooklyn Center, we strive to center and amplify student voice. How do you center and amplify student voice?

Some ways that I center and amplify student voices would be to figure out each child’s needs and wants (and/or the family's needs and wants for their child) and to adapt and change the environment as necessary.

Alyssa Johnson