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Why I Stand Front and Center – Jessika Kiczula

My Why is a regular feature of Brooklyn Center Community Schools' staff members.Jessica Kiczula

Jessika Kiczula

Third grade teacher

Earle Brown Elementary

Why do you Stand Front and Center?
My "why" for standing front and center is the relationships I am able to create with my students. I firmly believe the best way to teach is by first creating trusting and loving relationships with students. I love being able to walk into my classroom every morning knowing I will be greeted with hugs, gifts, and love from my students. It is also being able to make connections all throughout the building with students of all grades. 

Why do you love being a Centaur?
I love being a Centaur because I love watching my students grow over the years, and having the opportunities to improve my teaching practice.

What is your favorite memory from this school year?
When I surprised a former student at his football game, he gave me a huge hug and said "This is the best early birthday present ever!" His birthday wasn't for 3 more months.

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