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Cat advocate visits Earle Brown Elementary STEAM

Sterling Davis October 21, 2019 – Sterling Davis, a former Atlanta rapper turned cat advocate, visited Earle Brown Elementary STEAM on October 15 and 16. When Davis applied for a job cleaning litter boxes at a shelter in Atlanta, the ladies at the shelter were surprised. Rarely, did they ever see an applicant who wanted to work with cats who was an African American male. Davis was on hiatus from touring with his well-known rap group and wanted to work with animals. He got the job, loved it and decided he couldn’t go back on tour: cats were his real passion.

During his visit to EBE, Davis gave a presentation on cats and compassion with his kitty, Damita Jo. On both days, Sterling read his children’s book and taught students how to build winter cat shelters for feral felines. 

In Atlanta, Davis traps stray cats that live in his community and gets them spayed and neutered, in a process called Trap-Neuter-Return or TNR. The cats are returned to where they are found, as many of these felines are not household pets. It’s the humane alternative to euthanasia and has been proven to reduce cat overpopulation significantly.

Years later, he is one of the only African American cat advocates and influencers who travels the country talking about diversity in animal welfare and preaching “you don’t lose cool points for compassion.” He targets his message to African American communities, specifically young men and children of color.

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