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Board Highlights - October 14, 2019

The Brooklyn Center Community Schools' School Board held a regular meeting on Monday, October 14, 2019. These are the highlights


Josh Fraser, principal of Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM, recognized Christian Scott-Hills, Mike Reed and Alisha DeBles for putting together a beautiful coronation ceremony to celebrate the Homecoming Royalty. Students stayed for hours taking pictures and socializing. Josh also recognized Tashawna Williams, Miamon Queeglay, Renee Starr and Mike Reed for planning the Homecoming Tailgate. Josh also recognized the following staff members:

  • Monique Tweh, for listening intently to students and coaching de-escalation strategies for students
  • Rhonda Marn, for designing and setting goals to increase student reading and writing skills
  • Matt Edmunds, for advocating for bilingual students to be celebrated
  • Miles Uhrich and Noah Quam, for preparing and directing the musical performance at the Dig Pink volleyball game
  • Emma Nicosia, for organizing the middle school staff gathering
  • Dedric Willis, for helping DJ the middle school dance

Jeff Wilson, principal of Earle Brown Elementary STEAM, recognized Heather Ward for her work as a grades K, 3 and 4 behavior support specialist, cafeteria supervisor and front office support at the end of the school day. She is relentless in her work ethic and will help and support staff and students. She has been a great asset to the Earle Brown community. Jeff also recognized Lisa Foust and the transportation department for getting our students to school and home safe every day. Their patience, flexibility and problem solving around the pick-up and drop-off changes was a full-team effort.

Constance Robinson, principal of the Early College Academy, recognized Katherine Kunz for joining the ECA family to support our English and reading department. She’s an asset to the ECA community.

Jena Carlson, director of curriculum and instruction, recognized Terry Peña for her incredible and ongoing support of new licensed staff. Terry has met individually and in groups with all of our new licensed staff multiple times throughout August and September to ensure that each staff member is successfully and consistently supported as they acclimate to Brooklyn Center Community Schools. Jena also recognized the EBE English learner (EL) team and Alexandra Holter for putting together an outstanding EL family night. More than 250 people RSVP'd to the event, which featured a presentation from the Science Museum and a carnival-style set-up that engaged families in STEAM-themed activities.

Jessica Richter, director of early learning, recognized Amy Bednar for calling, searching, recruiting and registering new Pre-K families, all while staying on top of Early Childhood screenings and funding sources. Amy juggles so many things every day and keeps them all on track. She truly understands the collective stewardship of the work in strategy one of the strategic plan. Jessica also recognized Marti Kelley and Marcy Levy-McGuire for working towards moving the needle in the measurement goal for this year and helping Pre-K with the new FAST tool. Jessica also recognized Marcy Smith-Akinpelu and Allison Sisombath for being willing to collaborate on social emotional learning for our Pre-K friends and provide the best intentional curriculum and support that we can give. Their commitment to strategy three is off to a wonderful start this year. Jessica also recognized the Pre-K team for their commitment to strategy 2 as they embarked on their book study journey of “Troublemakers.” The discussion was great afterward and they are excited to continue reading and learning.

Tammy Albers, director of human resources, recognized Abe McBorrough. Abe started last year as a special education assistant at the ECA. Abe has provided a tremendous amount of support and leadership for our students. Abe shared that he wanted to continue to grow in his career and this year has stepped into the role of SLD teacher at ECA. Abe has met this new challenge head on and continues to demonstrate great leadership for our students. Tammy also recognized teachers with continuing contracts (listed below).

Jim Langevin, director of operations, recognized the nutrition services staff for all their hard work to make sure all students and staff have nutritious and healthy food during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thank you for all you do!

Dierdra Yarbro, director of special services, recognized all BCCS staff for being so welcoming, supportive and wonderful during her first two weeks in the district. Dierdra said she is proud to be part of the BCCS team and honored to work with all staff members.


School Highlight: Pre-K
Jessica Richter, director of early learning, presented with Prek-K staff and students about Minnesota Reading Corp and its role in Pre-K. Thank you to students and families for sharing with our school board how you learn! Click here to view the presentation from the meeting.

Pre-K students at board meeting


Positive Athlete award
Sarah Sinniger, coach and teacher at Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM, received the Positive Athlete Award. The school board recognized her with a board resolution for her excellence on the field, optimistic attitude, servant leadership, ability to admit imperfections, giving 100-percent all of the time and believing that the team is more important than the individual. Sarah has devoted time and heart to students and exemplifies what it means to be a Centaur. Congrats, Sarah!

Sarah Sinniger

Achievement of Continuing Contract
Nineteen BCCS staff members were recognized for their continuing contracts during the school board meeting. Congratulations to the following staff members and thank you for being part of the BCCS community!

Clarissa Leino - Kindergarten Teacher
Emily Forgrave - Speech Language Pathologist
Kimberly Crawford - 1st Grade Teacher
Mattana Bohne - English Language Teacher
Melanie Krystyniak - Kindergarten Teacher
Tristyne Adler - 2nd Grade Teacher
Alexandra Holter - STEAM Coordinator
Carolyn Zepeda - Occupational Therapist
Ted Harding - English Language Teacher
Juline Thomley - English Language Teacher
Deborah Reding - Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Courtney Hoyt - 3rd Grade Teacher

Kelsey Johnson - Physical Science Teacher
Tremayne Lewis - Special Education (EBD) Teacher
Anna Cordie - Speech Language Pathologist
Ryan Oto - Humanities Teacher
Karen Leslie - School Psychologist
Angela Phillips - Life Science Teacher

Andrea Guinn - Math Teacher


The board took action on the following items:

  • Approved continuing contract
  • Approved Teacher Contract 2019-2021
  • Approved Bus Drivers Pay and Benefits 2019-2021
  • Approved update to Unaffiliated Non-Exempt Pay and Benefits
  • Approved update miscellaneous pay schedule 
  • Approved new Tenure Teachers
  • Approved the second reading of the following revised board policies:
    • 605 Alternative Programs
    • 606 Textbooks and Instructional Materials 
    • 611 Home Schooling 
    • 613 Graduation Requirements
  • Approved the first reading of the following revised board policies:
    • 602 Organization of School Calendar and School Day 
    • 604 Instructional Curriculum 
    • 709 Student Transportation Safety Policy 
    • 802 Disposition of Obsolete Equipment and Materials