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Centaur Staff Recognition – Amy Teigen

Amy Teigen with a student February 7, 2019 – Learning is a journey best done with the support of passionate and patient educators. Amy Teigen, special education teacher at Brooklyn Center Middle and High School STEAM, is one of those educators and she goes the extra degree every day to support the success of students and their families.

“Amy shows up mentally, physically and emotionally for our students,” said Laura Binder, special education teacher and Teigen’s colleague at BCS. “Her selfless actions and positive attitude consistently represent all of our core values. I am both very proud and grateful to work so closely with Amy.”

Binder recognized Teigen for the core value of partnerships among students, families, schools and community benefit all.

“She is an incredible role model who demonstrates how staff can connect students and families to important resources within our community,” Binder said.

Teigen has worked in the district for four years. She is motivated by the small improvements she sees in her students every day and her colleagues.

“My students have many challenges and barriers, yet they show up every day and genuinely want to learn and grow,” Teigen said. “The staff here are so dedicated and passionate about helping kids learn and grow. I love being part of the BC community.”

When she’s not at work, Teigen said she values self-care and being with her family.

“I believe that finding ways to fill your cup is so very important in our field,” Tiegen said. “I refuel by running everyday, working out, and spending time with family and friends.”

Being able to form close relationships is crucial to making each student’s learning journey a success. Tiegen realizes the importance of relationships and honoring each student’s intrinsic value in the school community.


“I believe everyone can learn from each other if students feel like they are in a safe place.”