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Welcome to our new website!

August 31, 2018 – As you've likely noticed, our district launched a new website last week!

Our new website URL is Users will still be able to access our website by typing but they will be redirected to We also changed all staff emails over the summer from to Users will still be able to reach us with our old email address. All messages sent to will also be sent to

Now that you're here, let's go over some of the new features of the website:

Calendar: The calendar on the new website platform has more tools so we made the decision not to create a printed 12-month wall calendar for this school year. Families will be able to download events to their mobile devices for push notifications and reminders. Instructions for adding calendar events to your device are available below:

Calendar instructions

Click here to view a larger image of the calendar instructions.

Other new website features:

  • New slideshows with NEW photos!
  • Embedded videos
  • Updated content
  • Easy to navigate district site and subsites
  • Responsive design: our website is accessible on any device without the “pinching and zooming” of the old design
  • News section: we will celebrate the many accomplishments of our students and staff in the news section on each site’s homepage


Launching the website does not mean we are done working on the website, as a website’s work is never complete. We are always refining and updating to make it a better experience for our users. We will also use analytics and other data to help make decisions to improve the website.

If you notice incorrect content, broken links or other errors, please contact me! I’m always open to input.


Tara Drey, communications specialist