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Class of 2018 – James Jensen

James Jensen
James Jenson class of 2018  

Brooklyn Center High School STEAM

What was your favorite part about high school?
My favorite part of high school was being able to spend time with friends. This might seem simple but now that I’m a senior, I’m able to get a clear grasp of what really made my time in high school really enjoyable. Being able to talk, learn, play, joke and experience different things with my friends really made my time in high school really fun!

What advice would you give to your younger self or incoming freshmen?
My number one advice I would give to all incoming freshmen is be cautious of a thing called procrastination. All through your time at high school, until you become a senior, you will always encounter this feeling of procrastination. That feeling of completing a three-page essay just before the midnight deadline, but realizing you’ve had a whole week to work on it but instead decide to hammer through it in one night. As freshmen, this might not greatly impact you now but when you get to your junior and senior years, you might see yourself prioritizing more inessential tasks over the more important ones. So, just keep up your A game and don’t slack off in school too much. Your future self will really appreciate it. 

How do you feel prepared for life after high school?
I think that regardless of age, experience or school completed, you really don’t know what to expect in life after high school. That doesn't mean my time high school hasn’t informed me of what could happen in life after high school. For one, I feel prepared in that I know life or secondary education isn’t on the same level as high school. It's definitely a huge leap in terms of difficulty. However, knowing this early on in high school really has helped me prepare myself for the challenges that I will soon come to face.

What are your plans after graduating from high school?
After high school, I plan to attend Augsburg University. I plan to take part in the IT program there and major in Computer Science. I hope to complete a few good internships in IT positions while in college. Someday, when I have enough money saved up, I hope to travel to the Philippines and rediscover my roots.