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AVID students raise funds for school in Sierra Leone

Thursday, November 17, 2022

In October, AVID teacher Andrea Kemink visited the country of Sierra Leone with the organization Africa Uplifted. She went to visit schools, teach in a few classrooms, and assist in medical clinics. As she planned for her absence from school, Kemink and her students decided to prepare funds and classroom supplies for the children there. 

The result was over $600 that went toward lunch and treats, school uniforms and school supplies, and ABC decorations colored in by BC AVID students for the preschoolers. Students also helped create fidget toys for the children with the help of Mike Reed who cut the wooden wheels using the BC makerspace equipment. 

“Students were challenged to donate any loose change they might have for one week,” Kemink said. “I encouraged students to participate by offering a special lunch to the winning class paid for by myself. The 9th grade class won followed by 12th grade. In total all classes combined raised $621.”

Other staff members also pitched in to help purchase Malaria medications and other clinical needs.

“It was an amazing experience that I was happy to share with my students. Upon my return I was able to share with them many pictures I took and my experiences. We had some wonderful classroom question and answer sessions with many students offering up their connections and experiences in their home countries.”

Africa Uplifted focuses its medical, educational, and vocational support mainly on the village of Manokoh, as well as supporting those same efforts in 5 nearby villages. Learn more about Africa Uplifted.

The funds helped provide the entire school of 360 children with a special goat meat lunch and sweets.

ABC classroom decorations were colored in by BC AVID students.