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BCCS celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Month

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Brooklyn Center Community Schools honors and celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Month. Indigenous Peoples’ Month, also referred to as Native American Heritage Month, is observed every November and is a time to acknowledge and celebrate Indigenous peoples and their rich cultures and histories in the Americas and beyond.

This month provides opportunities to acknowledge the legacy of settler-colonialism, which has devastated Indigenous communities historically and continues to negatively impact them today. It also provides an opportunity to learn more about Native groups outside of United States borders and indigeneity around the world. More importantly, Indigenous Peoples’ Month moves beyond the narrative of oppression and honors the resilience of Native peoples who are still here.

To our Indigenous staff, students, and community: what does this month mean to you? Will you be celebrating? How would you like to be recognized? What do you want people to know? Share your stories with us on our social media accounts or by emailing and we will share with our community.