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BCCS announces decision-making process for in-person learning

Friday, March 5, 2021 – Brooklyn Center Community Schools has implemented the expanded campus hybrid learning model for all grades Pre-K – 12 students. Elementary students started the transition in February and middle and high school students and the Early College Academy started the transition in March. 

“I am so thankful for all of our staff members’ time and energy to ensure we safely and responsibly bring students back to school buildings for the first time this school year,” said Dr. Carly Baker, superintendent.

Dr. Baker and other district leaders review cases of COVID-19 in the Brooklyn Center area and Hennepin County each Tuesday. As rates of COVID-19 continue to decrease, the district will consider implementing a less restrictive learning model, the four days per week in-person learning model. 

The data released this week showed 16.5 cases of COVID-19 per 10,000 residents in Brooklyn Center and 17.2 cases for Hennepin County.

14-day trends

Source: Hennepin County

“Our priority for the remainder of the school year is for our students to have access to as much onsite learning as possible, as rates of COVID-19 in our community allow us to do so,” Dr. Baker said. “We will continue to review data at least weekly to ensure our learning model decision continues to be grounded in the data.”

When cases fall below 10, BCCS will consider making a transition to the four days per week in-person learning model. The data could decrease this much before spring break and if this occurs, any change in learning model would wait until after spring break. There will be about two weeks between the decision date and the first day of in-person learning to allow staff a few days to plan for the transition. The Minnesota Department of Education does not require a staggered transition, similar to the transition to ECH, so all grades would begin the in-person learning model on the same day. 

More information and details about the in-person learning model will be shared when a decision is reached. Please visit for the latest updates about our learning model decision.