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COVID-19 cases continue to increase in BCCS community

Friday, October 30, 2020 – Each Thursday, district leaders review 14-day trends of COVID-19 cases in our community. As of Thursday, October 29, cases in Brooklyn Center were 53.4 cases per 10,000 people; and 29 cases per 10,000 in Hennepin County. 

“Cases of COVID-19 in our community are increasing more so in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park than other areas of Hennepin County,” said Superintendent Dr. Carly Baker. “We are asking our community to continue to wear masks, practice physical distancing and follow other health and safety measures to keep our community healthy.”

COVID-19 graph

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BCCS will remain in the limited campus hybrid model, however, due to the increase of cases, students will be unable to schedule in-person appointments with teachers for the foreseeable future. Students will still be able to schedule one-on-one appointments via Zoom or over the phone. Early College Academy students will continue their learning off-campus starting Monday, November 9. Students with special onsite schedules, including students with setting III special education services and students with new to country English Learner services, may continue to receive in-person instruction.

After much consideration, the district decided to remain in the limited campus hybrid model so that students in special populations could continue on-campus learning. We expect our students and staff members who are reporting onsite to continue to adhere to our health and safety protocols in order to keep our building environments as safe as possible. 

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