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BCCS to enter limited campus hybrid model for start of 2020-2021 school year

Dear BCCS Community:

I wanted to give you an important update about two items related to planning for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • School board action on Ready to Learn plans
  • Decision for the beginning of the school year

First, during the August 10 regular school board meeting, the board voted unanimously on a resolution that affirms the superintendent as the decision maker for the learning scenario the district will implement throughout the school year. The board also approved our Ready to Learn plans. Click here to view the presentation from the meeting.

Now that the resolution has passed, I have made a decision for how we will start the 2020-2021 school year. BCCS will implement the limited campus hybrid model starting Tuesday, September 8 through at least Friday, October 9. More information about the plan:

  • In the limited campus hybrid model, most students in E-12 (early learning through grade 12) participate in full-time online learning off-campus
  • Students in a setting-three special education program will be the only student group to have the option of on-campus learning
  • All staff will report to the buildings for work and practice social distancing, wear masks and implement other health and safety protocols
  • Campus will be open for students to meet individually or in small groups with staff to receive on-site support. More information about types of appointments and available services will be shared at a later date.
  • A decision will be made on Friday, September 25 about what model to implement for Monday, October 12
  • Families can opt-in to the BC Online learning program through Friday, August 21

Click here to view more information about our Ready to Learn plans.

By making this decision now, instead of August 20, we are giving families time to prepare for online learning. This also allows our staff to continue to plan in a distance or online environment. I want to thank our community for providing their feedback, which has been incredibly important for the development of the plans. We would like to continue to collect your questions and feedback as these plans are still considered drafts. 

Being a decision maker right now has been incredibly difficult because it often feels like there is no right answer. My top priority has been the health and safety of our community and I feel we can best deliver that through the limited campus hybrid model for the start of the school year. We can meet the needs of our learners who require specialized support, open up our campus for limited appointments and continue to grow our online learning experience. This is the first step in bringing people back together but in the most responsible way possible. Should cases decrease in our community, we will be able to look at a less restrictive model of learning, either expanded campus hybrid or in-person learning. 

Looking forward, families can expect to hear more details about our plans. We are still planning how we will welcome families to the new school year through the back to school experience, however, we will not be able to offer it in the traditional open house model. We will also need to hear from each family and student about your family’s decision to opt-in to one of two options for learning:

Learning models

  • Option 1: Flexible plans based on COVID-19 cases in our community. In option 1, students and families can expect to move between one or more of the following learning scenarios throughout the school year:
    • Distance learning 2.0
    • Limited campus hybrid
    • Expanded campus hybrid
    • In-person learning

  • Option 2: BC Online- Full-time online learning program. All families have the option to opt into a full-time online program for their student(s). This option does not include any in-person instruction and will operate independently from the other plans. In order to ensure appropriate staffing levels, we ask that families who select this option commit to the program for a minimum of 9 weeks (academic quarter).

Information about how to select one of the two options will be shared later this week.

Please continue to watch for regular updates about our plans for the fall. Thank you for your continued flexibility and patience as we all work to plan for a safe return to learning. 


Dr. Carly Baker, superintendent

Si tiene preguntas sobre los modelos de aprendizaje para el año escolar 2020-2021, por favor llame a Stella Sola at 763-561-2120 x2010.