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Class of 2018 – Markahyla Franklin


Markahyla Franklin

 Markahyla Franklin

Early College Academy

What was your favorite part about your time at the ECA
My favorite part is the quiet time I am given to work on my online classes. I also enjoyed each term when we celebrated our academic success. When we made the honor roll, we celebrated. It’s encouraging to do it again.

What advice would you give to your younger self or a student who will start at the ECA in the fall?
It depends on what age you are when entering the ECA. If you are a sophomore, I would tell you that you really need to be serious about your studies and stay focused so that you can graduate your senior year. If you enter as a senior, do not procrastinate or you will not graduate on time. If you come to the ECA, it’s because you might’ve failed in a different school setting. When you get here, don’t slack and you can succeed. 

How do you feel prepared for the next chapter of your life?
I feel very prepared because of all the resources I have had available to me at the ECA. Having all the resources in one location, including Becky Koltes (Plus Coordinator) Ms. Kovala (school counselor) and Jo Daggot (Pathways), has allowed me to be prepared for college, housing and work. If you’re more comfortable with Mr. Koch, he’ll refer you to the right place so you can get the help you need.

What are your plans after graduating?
I plan on attending Hennepin Technical College where I will work towards an IT degree in coding. After I earn a degree in coding and work a few years in the IT field, I plan on going back to school and advancing my career. Field trips helped give me insight into what classes are available and that career would be a great start for me.