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Learn more about Brooklyn Center High School

Do you have a student entering 9th grade in fall 2021? Learn more about our high school experience!

We Stand Front and Center For You.

In Brooklyn Center Community Schools, we have a commitment to building a school experience rooted in anti-racism where all students belong. Our school’s small size can provide that small community feel and individual attention for each student. We offer so many of the clubs, sports, activities and other opportunities available at other high schools. Yet, as one of the smallest public high schools in the metro, you may experience more playing time or line up on varsity, having a big impact in a smaller school district. 

Learning starts when your needs are met.

Our school district is a full-service community school. Any Brooklyn Center student or anyone living within Brooklyn Center can take advantage of convenient resources right in their school building. We’ve built relationships with community partners who provide students and families access to medical care, dental services, mental health care, and so much more. The best part is that many of these resources and services are now available online.

We are builders, explorers, engineers, problem solvers and artists.  

During your high school experience, your learning will be grounded in our STEAM learning model. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Our staff intentionally integrate all of these subject areas through hands-on and engaging learning experiences. 

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