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Register now for the Driver's Ed summer program!

Take driving lessons this summer with Brooklyn Center Community Schools!

If you are under age 18, you must take a driver education program to get your permit and driver’s license. With cooperation of the Driver Education Inc., we will now offer the classroom and behind the wheel training at school during the summer and after school during the school year. All teachers are licensed and certified. The class is open to any student, 14 years and older (please note: 14-year olds can’t receive their permit until they turn 15). The cost for classroom and behind-the-wheel training is $345.00. Because of the high cost of gasoline, there will be a small one-time gasoline surcharge added to the behind the wheel training while you take lessons.

To register and for additional information, please call Bill Wodarski, Driver Education Inc. Coordinator/Teacher at 651-621-5649.

Classroom experience

  • Summer classes held right here at Brooklyn Center Community Schools
  • Learn Minnesota laws, rules, regulations and signs
  • Permit given right at school on the last day of class

Behind the wheel training

  • Brand new cars are used for the six hours of training
  • Only one student in the car during training
  • Lessons arranged after school or on the weekends
  • Pick up at school or at home
  • Learn defensive driving skills to avoid crashes
  • Learn to pass the license test
  • Cars are available to take the license test