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Dr. Baker’s response to yesterday’s events at our nation’s capitol

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Dear BCCS Families and Community:

As I sat up through the night watching Congress complete the work they began earlier on Wednesday,  I attempted to process the events that we all witnessed in our nation’s capitol. While I have incredibly complex and unsettled feelings about what occurred, my message to you right now is neither complex or unsettled. 

As professionals who are charged to support and care for the young people of Brooklyn Center, what is our role in making sense of the events that unfolded before our eyes yesterday? We certainly don’t hold all of the answers but we will do this by using one of our greatest strengths, leaning on our community. We will do this by standing front and center for our young people, through creating the space for what they need in a supportive, honest and empathetic way. 

Throughout every gut-wrenching moment of the last 10 months, we have tried to create these spaces for students to process, to ask questions, to interrogate the injustices in our world and to simply exist. Our students are incredibly intuitive and intelligent. They often have more wisdom and grace than many adults in our society. I am incredibly proud of our students for how they have responded in these moments and yet sad for all that they have experienced in less than one calendar year. 

You might want to spend the next hours or days together with your family. And that is okay. But we will be here for our students and for our community. You can rely on us today and every day.

I am still incredibly hopeful for the future. I see the future before me every day and I know we are in safe hands with the young minds of Brooklyn Center. Our responsibility is to help those inquisitive brains grow and nourish so they can go out and create the change we need in our world.

Thank you for your continued support of Brooklyn Center Community Schools. 


Dr. Carly Baker, Superintendent