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School board approves Equity Resolution

During the regular meeting on Monday, October 12, the BCCS school board approved the first and second reading of the Policy 105 Equity Resolution.

The purpose of the policy states: 

Brooklyn Center Community Schools is committed to anti-racist and anti-oppressive policies, practices, and procedures throughout the entire organization. We honor that, because of the permanence of racism, a district free from oppression is not attainable. Anti-oppressive and anti-racist practices cannot be an end goal, they must be guide posts that allow us to consistently reflect on how our practices are contributing to the communal empowerment and health of Brooklyn Center. Our statement honors that we will be in a constant struggle with the entrenchment of oppressive systems that enable white supremacy while we orient towards a justice-centered school district that holds the fact that racism is not independent of other forms of oppression. These guideposts will be used by our district as practical and theoretical analytics for our material practices and policies. Everything we do must be directly shaped from these beliefs--anything less is inherently oppressive.

Click here to view the policy.

“I am incredibly proud of our school board for doubling down on our commitment to creating an anti-racist and anti-oppressive school district,” said Dr. Carly Baker, superintendent. “The school board sets the tone for our district and their commitment to this work is absolutely necessary for our success.”

The creation of Policy 105 is part of ongoing strategic planning and anti-racist work. Last June, Dr. Baker promised to take decisive action in creating an anti-racist district where all staff and students are valued. Throughout the summer, district leaders formed action teams with other staff members with the charge of prioritizing equitable outcomes; redesigning the learning experience for students; serving and investing in children and staff; and building pride and belonging. The district’s first-ever equity team was formed in July. The reform work, led by the action teams, will take place through at least August 2021. 

“This was the next step in fulfilling our commitment to the community that Dr. Baker shared this summer,” said Cheryl Jechorek, school board chair. “The board felt it was important that we also had a piece in this work that will align with the action teams and the strategic plan.”

This fall, the district will continue its work to update the mission and vision statements and the core values. More information will be shared with our community.