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School board approves name change for elementary school

During the work session on Monday, June 22, the Brooklyn Center Community Schools’ School Board voted unanimously to change the name of Earle Brown Elementary School to Brooklyn Center Elementary. The new name will be brought to the board in an official resolution on Monday, July 20.

The name change was suggested by several community members in recent years because of Earle Brown’s alleged ties to supremacist groups in Minnesota. 

“Earle Brown has been a celebrated figure in our community for generations, but there have also been questions surrounding his involvement in organizations and activities that go against what we stand for as a district,” said Dr. Carly Baker, superintendent. “The children who are in Brooklyn Center today deserve to go to a school that’s not named after someone with alleged affiliations to supremacist groups.”

The new name will also be in alignment with the name for Brooklyn Center Middle and High School. After the board officially adopts the new name of the school, work will begin to change all references of the school to Brooklyn Center Elementary.

“Members of the board felt strongly that it was time to change the name of the school,” said Cheryl Jechorek, school board chair. “We want to continue to create a school community that is  welcoming to everyone and is working to eliminate racist practices that impact learning for our students.”