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Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Today is Bus Driver Appreciation Day in Minnesota, as declared by Governor Tim Walz, and I'd like to take a moment to recognize all of the work our bus drivers do each day for our community. Our transportation team is exactly that -- a team of dedicated people who work together to safely bring our students to school and return them home. But our transportation team goes above and beyond the call of a bus driver. They build relationships with our students. They truly believe that a smile and a "hey, how's it going?" can give a student a positive start to their day. Many of our drivers are residents of the community and parents of our students and it shows with their commitment to their positions.

Please take time to thank our drivers today. They are an essential part of the BC community.

Dr. Carly Baker, superintendent


Hear from a few of our drivers about why they enjoy working in BCCS

“BC is my community and driving bus means I get to meet parents and more of our community. I wanted to drive bus for our district because I wanted to give back to someone else’s children. I’m building a connection with our families and their children by providing a safe ride to school.”
- Vanessa Ivory


"I have been a driver in the district since 1982 and I'll be here forever. The Brooklyn Center community is part of my life. I make sure to say hi to every kid as they get on the bus. I let them know they are welcome on the bus and to school. School is the best part of the day for a lot of our students and I make sure to start their day with a smile."
- Gene Hagemann


“Driving bus in BC, you get to know a lot of the people in the community. We’re like a family. My wife  and my sons graduated from here. I enjoy getting to see the kids on my routes grow up. Compared to large bus companies, you feel like you're just a number. Here, the transportation team is a small group and we’re here to stay because we’re members of the community. BC has been a great place to work."
- Tom Nystrom


"I never imagined being a bus driver but I've been here for 22 years. It’s intimidating to not only drive the bus but to also manage about 50 students but we’re very prepared. Training is a priority here and the transportation team is very supported. Bus driving is the best part of my day because a student’s day ends and begins on the bus and we have the opportunity to start their day out really well.”
- Dave Paulson



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  • Guaranteed hours
  • Medical Benefits
  • Time Off
  • Bring your child to work
  • Retirement

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