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Board Highlights – Regular Meeting, June 11, 2018

Centaur Spirit recognition

Jessica Richter, director of early learning, recognized the bus drivers. The drivers are always helpful, understanding and are good team players with the preschool team.

Jessica Richter, director of early learning, recognized the bus drivers.

School board member Cheryl Jechorek recognized staff for coordinating all of the end-of-year celebrations and recognition events.

Kevin Miller, transportation manager, nominated the maintenance shop. During the state’s annual inspection of our buses, the maintenance team helped ensure 92% of our buses would pass. Kevin specifically mentioned Terry Bollin, fleet maintenance, who started March 12 and quickly improved the shop prior to inspections. George Apostolou, fleet maintenance assistant, started in late April and he also worked many long days and weekends to ensure inspection would go smoothly. Kevin also recognized Brad Wolbersen and Tom Nystrom, school bus drivers, who helped with bus repairs.

Sara Bratsch recognized the IT team, led by Matt Saari, technology manager. This year, the technology team was so organized and great to work with.

Lindsey Horowitz recognized Jennifer Kelly, SPED administrative assistant. Jennifer comes to work with a most positive outlook. She is not only always seeking ways to grow and improve, she also takes the time to identify greatness. Jennifer has dedicated countless hours to training Brandy Vargas our third party billing/due process clerk.

Josh Fraser, principal at Brooklyn Center STEAM, recognized all of the teachers who planned a strong finish for the end of the school year. Staff planned rigorous activities and finals through the end of the year. The school year ended on a positive note with strong academics and a successful commencement.

School board director John Solomon recognized Tara Drey, communications specialist, for the student profiles on the website. Students who completed Pre-K, fifth grade, eighth grade and graduates will be recognized on the website and social media throughout this summer.


Transportation Department: 3-year update

Kevin Miller, transportation manager, presented an update about changes and improvements that have occurred in the transportation department during the last three years. Kevin noted specific improvements in service, routing, employee development, safety, bus maintenance and technology.


Gail Graiewski-Moore, Q-Comp coordinator, presented the annual update on Q-Comp. Q-Comp is utilized to help improve licensed staff members’ practice. Through the work of Professional Learning Communities and instructional coaches, and the learning from professional development, licensed staff are provided opportunities to open their discussion of current and future instructional practice.

Action Items

The board took action on the following items:

  • Approved the second reading of the following revised board policies:
    • 104 School District Mission Statement
    • 503 Student Attendance
    • 515 Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records
    • 710 Extracurricular Transportation
  • Approved the first reading of the following revised board policies:
    • 407 Employee Right to Know
    • 421 Gifts to Employees
    • 422 Policies Incorporated by Reference
    • 807 Health and Safety
  • Approved the Insight 2018-2019 Admission Policy Manual and Student/Parent Handbook
  • Approved Intermediate School District No.287 Long-Term Facility Maintenance Program and Budget Resolution
  • Approved the Resolution Authorizing Execution of Legal Documents (TIES Dissolution, Sale of TIES Building, NJPA Closing)
  • Approved the 2018-19 Resolution for Membership in the MN State High School League
  • Approved the  FY18 Amended Budget Resolution
  • Approved the FY19 Preliminary Budget Resolution
  • Approved the Reauthorization of Board Approved Referendum Authority
  • Approved Reducing Lead in Drinking Water MDE Model