• Share your Passion

    Do you have a passion for fitness, cooking, crafts, wellness or other hobbies that you want to share with the BCCS community? We are always looking for parents, community members or volunteers to lead our Community Education classes. Please complete the form below so we can connect with you and share your expertise with our community. 


Share Your Passion - Lead a Community Educaiton Course
  • Frequently Asked Questions? 

    • Do I need to be a licensed teacher? No! Community education instructors can be teachers, but most of them are simply knowledgeable about the subject and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the community. 
    • What happens after I submit a proposal form? Our Community Education team will review the proposal and one of us will reach out to you to get more information or talk about the next steps. 
    • What is the typical schedule for Community Education? Adult classes are typically scheduled for fall, winter, spring and summer with classes running 6-8 weeks. However, we can be flexible to meet your schedule and what we think will work best for our community. 
    • How much does a Community Education instructor make? Our instructors are both volunteers and paid positions. Pay will vary depending on the type of class and instructor experience. 
    • What will the cost of my class be? We strive to keep our class fees as low as possible so they are accessible to all in our community. Class fees vary by class and may depend on the type of class, amount of hours, etc.
    • Do I need to pay rent? No, space is provided for you to teach with us. 
    • Who can I contact if I have additional questions? Please contact Seth Ryan, Director of Community Engagement, at sryan@bccs286.org or 763-450-3386.