Community Education Advisory

  • The purpose of the Advisory Council is to:

    • Advise the Director of Community Education on matters that relate to responsible development of programs in the school district;
    • Maintain and improve communications between the community and the school district and its programs; and
    • Promote the development of healthy, youth and adult programs.


    What does the Community Education Advisory Council do?

    The Community Education Council makes recommendations on items pertaining to the following areas: We meet 4 times a year for approximately an hour

    • Programs, classes, policies, services, and facilities
      • Promotes and fosters new programs and coordinates these with existing community programs to avoid unnecessary duplication.
    • Community
      • Provides input anticipating the needs and wants of the community as they relate to community education.
    • Communication
      • Serves as liaison between the community and the school district in evaluating community education needs.
    • Finance
      • Recommends approval of the annual community education budget and advises on the use of community funds.
    • Philosophy
      • Advocates for continued quality in community education.


    What are the qualifications?

    • Connected to Brooklyn Center Community Schools 286/community
    • Available to meet four times annually
    • Committed to lifelong learning
    • Communicates effectively
    • Able to work in a group setting
    • Willing to share expertise and skills
    • Willing to learn

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