English Learners

  • English Learner Language Instruction Program Overview

    Our mission is to ensure that English Learners (EL) have equal rights and access to a high education. Our goals to achieve our mission are to:

    • Develop students' proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English
    • Provide access to academic content instruction in language arts, math, science and the social sciences

    We provide a language instruction educational program through the use of:

    1. Systematic ELD Instruction

    dedicated time and targeted instruction that provides time set aside from the classroom

    2. Language Instruction for Content Learning:

    • Constructing meaning is a process for teaching content that offers
    • Explicit instruction to support English learners in understanding and using the language necessary for grade-level work.

    Composite Scores Required: Specific test scores are used to identify language needs and individual programming. Click here to view the PDF about Composite Scores required for identification and placement.

    EL Plan of Service: This explains the details of our EL program and the communication you can expect as a parent. Click Here to view the EL Plan of Service.

    Flow Chart of EL Services/Stages: This chart explains how your child's eligibility for EL services is determined. Click here to view the Flow Chart of EL Stages and Services.

  • Contact

    Jena Carlson
    English Learner/ Continuous Improvement Coordinator
    763.561.2120 x2755