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    Welcome to Brooklyn Center Community Schools! We’re not a community on the fringe, we’re a community moving toward a center. Moving in unison with a shift in cultural expectations. Our voice and achievement will not be disqualified — together we're moving toward a change in history and hearts. Standing front and center so each child is seen and heard.

    We believe unity, diversity and achievement are fundamental for a thriving human spirit. 

    Brooklyn Center Community Schools (BCCS) creates inclusive, open-minded educational environments and services that value diverse experiences, ideas and opinions so that everyone can learn, grow and share together. Serving more than 2,000 students in the Brooklyn Center community, BCCS is a progressive-thinking, diverse and anti-racist school district that acts as a hub for community resources to help families thrive.

    We know that learning starts when a child has their needs met. Thanks to our community schools model, staff members work with families and the community to help ensure all of our children are socially, mentally, and physically prepared for success and ready to learn.

    Our diversity is our strength. 

    Here in BC, everyone belongs. Our diversity is a powerful force for developing well-rounded global citizens. Our staff members welcome students and each other without bias, creating rich learning environments valuing cultural perspective and experience. 

    Every single staff member at BCCS is responsible and accountable for equity. Through this work, we will create an anti-racist and inclusive school district so every child can be successful. Where other organizations might shy away, we lean into this priority because it’s what our students and community deserve.

    We help our students discover their passions and prepare for their next stage of life through hands-on learning experiences.

    Our staff members think creatively to design engaging learning experiences for each student. Starting in pre-K, every student has experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). This magnet model ensures students leave BC prepared for their futures in college or career -- whatever comes next in their journey. 

    Student voice is front and center.

    When decisions need to be made, we listen to students and invite them to have a seat at the table. It’s important we include our number one customers when rethinking their experiences in our organization. BC is a tight-knit community that celebrates the excellence of its students.

    Apply Now!

    If this sounds like home, please email us or apply for an open position. We’re always looking for talented people to contribute to our mission and commit to serving the BC community. 


    Americorp Housing Navigator
    site partnership with Brooklyn Center Community Schools

    Service Position Summary: The Housing Resource Navigator is placed at a service site to support individuals experiencing homelessness - navigating resources and supports to secure safe and stable housing. The position will establish a relationship with each individual on their caseload and will work with that individual to assess their unique needs, set goals, and sit sideby-side to help navigate resources to overcome barriers and ultimately achieve their goals. This is an AmeriCorps service member position with the AmeriCorps program, Heading Home Corps. 

     Learn More & Apply for the Americorp Housing Navigator