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Dr. Carly Baker
BCCS Superintendent

Message from Your proud Superintendent 

Welcome to Brooklyn Center Community Schools. This district has been my home since 2013 - first as a principal, then as superintendent. I hope you consider making BCCS the educational home for your family.

Every child - including yours - is welcome into our school community. The words “every child” are not just a tagline, but a commitment to serve the unique needs of each child and to make everyone feel welcome and involved in our school community.

Our mission guides us every day: We will fiercely lead the way in justice-centered education, striving against the permanence of racism and oppressive systems while embracing a future where our diversity fuels learning. With every breath in our bodies, every ounce of influence we possess, and through every challenge, we stand front and center with the young people we love and serve.

At BCCS, the diversity of our students is a powerful force that fuels everything we do. We use inclusive processes - amplifying student, staff, parent and community voices - to shape district decisions, introduce programs and inform curriculum choices. When we all contribute and we truly listen to each other, we create a loving, caring and inclusive school community where each learner can thrive.

We know that learning starts when a child has their needs met. In BCCS, we accomplish this in our classrooms and through our Community Schools model. Through this model, we work with families and the community to help ensure all of our children are socially, emotionally, mentally and physically prepared for success and ready to learn.

Our staff members think creatively to design engaging learning experiences for each child. Starting in pre-K, every student has experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). This model and our intense focus on doing what is in the best interest of our students ensures that each child leaves BCCS prepared for their future and for whatever comes next in their life’s journey.

We are extraordinarily proud of what happens here every day in our schools. We have a wonderfully diverse collection of children who share their brilliance with us every day. It is an  honor to serve each of them and their families. I invite you to learn more about BCCS and look forward to your family joining our school community.

Dr. Carly Baker, Superintendent
Brooklyn Center Community Schools