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The Finance Department works hard to maximize federal, state and local funding on behalf of our students and staff. Our goal: provide the best learning environment possible with the limited resources available.

Many factors affect our financial stability, including:

  • Our state property tax system penalizes Brooklyn Center for having low levels of commercial property - meaning our homeowners pay more than our neighbors to support schools. We continue to advocate for a fairer education funding system at the State legislature.
  • Our community has one of the highest rates of poverty in the metro area. That is why we are committed to being a Full-Service Community Schools District.  Through partnerships, we work with families and the community to help ensure all of our children are socially, mentally, and physically prepared for an ever-changing world.
  • Brooklyn Center’s current per-student local operating levy is substantially lower than all of its neighboring school districts.

2024 Financial Forecast 

This month the district has been preparing next year’s budget. Like many other school districts, we anticipate considerable cuts going into SY23-24. We approach this budget season the same way we approach everything - with transparency and care. As a district, we have made financial commitments to balancing our budget, building our fund balance, and ensuring responsible fiscal stewardship of district funds.

To provide an overview of how next year’s budget will be built, myself and the finance team have recorded a Financial Forecast for staff, families, and community. 

2024 Financial Forecast Zoom Presentation

2024 Forecast Presentation Slideshow

If you have any questions about the budgeting process or our forecasted finances, please submit them to this survey and district leadership will publish the answers in the coming weeks.

Below you will find questions the district received from staff members regarding the financial forecast for the upcoming school year.