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Equity & Restorative Practices

In July 2020, Brooklyn Center Community Schools created a new Equity Department to assist in creating equitable learning experiences for all students.“We believe that school systems can change if the oppression rooted in the origin and maintenance of public schooling is replaced with a justice-centered paradigm,” said Nuhu Sims, Equity Director. “We hope to continue to create schools and learning opportunities that recognize the humanity of every person in our community and create conditions for humanity to thrive.”

To enact this belief, we aim to engage with every possible district and building initiative to ensure that voices, bodies, and identities are not rendered silent or invisible. Using qualitative and quantitative methods of research and analysis, the department intends to challenge and change district practices that are rooted in the pathologizing of communities of color in schools.Through this work, we hope to inspire the BC community to speak their dreams for freedom and justice into existence.

What is restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices are a form of community building with roots in Indigenous communities and communities of color. It requires a belief that people are profoundly relational, interconnected, and inherently good. We will use restorative strategies to intentionally build community, repair harm if harm is caused, and  amplify the impact of instruction in an effort to allow us to live up to our mission, vision, and core values.  

We acknowledge the lived experiences of all students, staff and community members. Therefore, we will use restorative practices and mindsets to build a school culture encompassed in equity and respect.


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Instructional Equity Projects

SY 23 - 24 GOALS


  1. We will work collaboratively across departments and in partnership with students to address the YPAR Demands.

  2. We will create sustainable practices and consistent processes that will guide the district's equity work into the future.

  3. We will create consistent methods to support students throughout their educational journey at BCCS, encompassing all ages and developmental levels.

  4. We will explore and establish various funding sources for the district’s Restorative Practices work.

  5. By Spring of 2024, we will establish consistent opportunities for all staff to participate in and lead circles/restorations based on individual skill sets.


Brooklyn Center Community Schools adopts the Minnesota Department of Education’s Principles of the Restorative School and Practices of a Restorative School as the Restorative Practices Framework. From these frameworks, BCCS works daily to strengthen school climate, provide spaces to be in community with each other, and repair harm. Here are additional resources from MDE's Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies.

Social Awareness

Responsible Decision Making


Relationship Skills