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Literacy is the foundation of all other learning. Students need time to talk, time to read and time to write.

Focusing intentional efforts on PreK-grade 3 helps ensure we are preparing students to be active thinkers engaged in learning with foundational skills in literacy. The true measure of our success is ALL students, regardless of race or socioeconomic background, becoming highly skilled communicators prepared to listen, speak, read and write effectively in a global community.

For more information about how we are helping every student read well by the end of third grade, see our Local Literacy Plan for the 2024-25 school year.

Local Literacy Plan


For our children to be successful in today’s economy, they need a strong foundation in math.  Our math instruction is organized to support deep mathematical thinking in four areas:

  • Number & Operations: Students understand numbers, understand meanings of operations, and can compute fluently.
  • Algebra: Students understand patterns, represent and analyze, use mathematical models and analyze change in different contexts.
  • Geometry & Measurement: Students analyze characteristics of shapes, describe spatial relationships, use visualization and reasoning to solve problems, and understand measurable attributes.
  • Data Analysis & Probability: Students formulate questions and gather data to answer them, select and use methods to analyze data, develop and evaluate inferences and predictions based on data, and understand and apply basic concepts of probability.


Science is the active study of the natural and man-made world, including processes, structures, designs, and systems. Being “scientific” involves being curious, asking how things happen and learning how to find the answers. Our students use science and engineering practices while learning core ideas in the disciplines of physical science, life science, and Earth and space science.  Scientifically literate youth can understand basic science concepts, use skills for doing scientific investigations, solve technical problems, and design technologies for today’s evolving world.