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¬°Felicidades! BCS students passed the Bilingual Seals Test

Eight BCS students passed the Bilingual Seals Test!

Since 2017, BCCS has provided the Bilingual Seals Test* to at least one student, however, this is the first year that eight students took and passed the test!

By passing this test, students receive credits toward their high school graduation, a diploma with a special seal, and recognition at their Commencement Ceremony. Those who pass this test during their 10th, 11th, or 12th grade can also apply to receive two to four college credits. In addition to these accolades, students are able to put on their resume that they are “certified bilingual” - a great way to differentiate them from prospective employers.

Meet Our Students!

Name: Jakelin Ramirez Sanchez
Grade: 11
Extracurricular Activities/Hobbies: Vice President of Asian Club, Upward Bound
“It means a lot to me to have something to be recognized for. I think my parents are really proud and happy for me.”

Name: Ilce Medina Delgado
Grade: 11
Extracurricular Activities/Hobbies: Soccer, Softball
“This means a lot of opportunities are opened - putting it on my resume and having the opportunity to get college credit. It’s a pretty big deal for me because I wasn’t that confident in my Spanish. For my family, I told them that I passed and they were really proud of. I think it means a lot to them, as it does to me.”

Name: Jennifer Morales Bravo
Grade: 11
Extracurricular Activities/Hobbies: Soccer, Softball
“I am also excited for all the opportunities that this will bring. My brother hasn’t taken this test so I’m also excited to have something to be recognized for. It makes me feel happy!”

Name: Fanny Monfil
Grade: 11
Extracurricular Activities/Hobbies: BC Dance Company
“I have two older siblings so having something special that I accomplished is special.”

Name: Maximiliano Deheza Hernandez
Grade: 11
Extracurricular Activities/Hobbies: Guitar
“I’m excited for all the opportunities that passing the test will bring. I found out while with my mom and we were both very happy and excited about it!”

Name: Joseline Espana-Pirin
Grade: 11
I’m excited to: Take the ACT this year!
“I told my parents about this opportunity and they said it was a good idea for me to take it. When Mr. Kane told me I passed I was so happy because I didn’t know if I was going to pass. I’m excited for the doors that this will open!”

Name: Jolette Rivera Terrones
Grade: 11
Extracurricular Activities/Hobbies: Hispanic Musical Group
“It opens up a lot of opportunities for me - I’m really excited about the college credit. I didn’t think I was going to pass but it is exciting for me because my parents would always have me translate letters and things for them so I am pretty proud.”

Name: Antony Bonilla Escobar

Grade: 12

I’m looking forward to: My Internship at Finishing Trades Institute, graduating, and making my family proud!

“Passing the Bilingual Seals Test means a lot to me and I'm glad to pass it because I can use it for my future in my resume. It means a lot to my family as we have had some tough times, and it is good to see that we can make something out of ourselves here in Brooklyn Center. If there's anything the community should know about this is that I encourage others to do this test as it will help me in my future.”

We are so proud of our students!

Mr. Joe Kane, BCS Guidance Counselor, said, “I am really proud of these students. This is a very special group of students - it's such a cool opportunity to step into a leadership role and take this test as 10th graders and now get to be a role model for future students.“

Mrs. Stella Sola, Family Liaison, said, “Felicitaciones a todos. [Estoy] muy orgullosa – muy orgullosa de ser Latina, muy orgullosa por ustedes… el hecho que estén en este país no significa que solamente tienen que saber inglés, el ser Latino no solamente es una cuestión de dónde he nacido o de dónde nacieron mis papás, ser Latino significa mucho más que eso. Esperamos mucho de los Latinos – no solamente nosotros, sus padres y toda esta comunidad tan enorme que no solamente depende de ustedes, sino que creen en ustedes, y ustedes lo pueden hacer. Ustedes pueden.” 

"Congratulations to all. I'm very proud – very proud to be Latina, very proud of you… The fact that you are in this country doesn't just mean that you have to know English. To be Latino isn't just a question of where I was born or where my parents were born. To be Latino means much more than that. Among all of that is the ability to speak the language like you. We expect a lot from Latinos – not only us, your parents and all of this community [that is] so enormous, that not only depends on you, but also believes in you, and you can do it.”

Students who also take Spanish II during high school have the opportunity to take this test. If you are a student interested in taking this test, please reach out to your guidance counselor.

Pictured: Ilce Medina Delgado, Jakelin Ramirez Snachez, Fanny Monfil, Jennifer Guadalupe Morales Bravo, Maximiliano Paoli Deheza Hernandez, Joseline Esana-Pirin, Jolette Rivera Terrones 

Not Pictured: Antony Bonilla Escobar


*Minnesota Bilingual and Multilingual Seals were legislated in the Learning English for Academic Proficiency and Success (LEAPS) Act in 2014. Minnesota public school districts, charter schools, and nonpublic schools may award Minnesota bilingual and multilingual seals to high school students upon graduation who have demonstrated the required levels of language proficiency through assessment in languages other than English, including American Sign Language (ASL) and Indigenous American Indian languages. The required proficiency levels are ACTFL Advanced Low for a Platinum Seal; ACTFL Intermediate High for a Gold Seal in all of the four modalities—listening, reading, speaking and writing. (Minnesota Department of Education)