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BCHS senior Moises Soto Puente earns prestigious QuestBridge Scholarship

Congratulations, Moises!

BCHS senior Moises Soto Puente has been selected for the prestigious QuestBridge Scholarship. Through QuestBridge, students can apply to colleges across the country and be considered for early admission and a full four-year scholarship from the college. 

Out of 20,800 applicants, Moises was one of 2,242 students selected as finalists. He was matched at Macalester College in Saint Paul for a full-ride scholarship where he is considering a major in Political Science. "The Questbridge Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships in the nation to some of the top colleges and universities,” said Jackie Hayden, college and career readiness coordinator at BCHS.

“What this accomplishment means to me is the fruit of all the hard work I've put in class, helping out other people, and working in the community of Rondo in St Paul. It's the fruit of all my parents' work to give me and my siblings a happy life,” said Soto Puente.

He offered a piece of advice for other BC students considering applying for this scholarship in the future: “Please go to the College and Career Center for help and advice on the college application process. For this particular scholarship, you have to have a story and a WHY. Ms. Hayden and Ms. Choua can help present your story and your achievements. For people just entering high school or already in high school, please do all the opportunities that are presented to you.”

Congratulations, Moises!

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