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BCCS Rolls Out NEW Emergency Response Protocols

A Message from Superintendent, Dr. Carly Baker, to BCCS families on Monday, September 18, 2023


Dear BCCS Families,


Over the last twelve months, Brooklyn Center Community Schools has worked hard to update our security infrastructure and standard response protocols. This year, we are rolling out an updated Emergency Response Protocol for the 2023-2024 school year to enhance transparency in the event of an emergency and establish consistent and simple language.


We have partnered with The I Love You Guys Foundation to update our emergency procedures, response protocols, and emergency language (click here to learn more about the foundation). In addition, we have worked closely with the city of Brooklyn Center to ensure our response protocols meet or exceed standard response protocol recommendations.


Staff members have received an introductory training last month and we will hold training and school drills throughout the year. Moving forward, we plan to use the following terminology in the event of an emergency:


“Hold” will be used in a situation where students and staff will temporarily stay in their classrooms due to an incident/situation in the building. Within the classroom, the school day will continue as normal until the hold is lifted.

“Secure” will be used in a situation where there is a potential threat outside the building. All doors will be secured and limited access to visitors will be granted. During a secure, the school day will continue as normal inside the building.


“Lockdown” will be used in a situation where there is an immediate threat inside the building or potentially approaching the building. All doors will be secured, no access to visitors will be granted, and all normal school day operations will stop. 

“Evacuate” will be used in a situation where conditions within the building are not safe. All students and staff will evacuate through the nearest exit and meet in a predetermined location.


“Shelter” will be used in a situation where weather or environmental conditions are not safe outside the building and sheltering in the building is required.


As we continue to roll out these procedures, we have created a space on the website for families and community members to reference. If you have any questions about these new protocols, please contact your principal or district administration. 


Thank you for partnering with us in your child’s education.




Dr. Carly Baker, Superintendent



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