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Stand Front and Center For Students

If you’re thinking about a career in Brooklyn Center Community Schools (BCCS), you should know a couple of things. Here, students come first. Every staff member is a catalyst for student growth and for unity; everything we do is on a foundation of student voice and engagement.

Second, we are fierce advocates for justice-centered education, meaning that we actively reject all bias so we can actively welcome all learners. 

If this sounds like a mission that fits your mindset, we'd love to hear from you.

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In Brooklyn Center, we’re not afraid to lead. With ferocity. With compassion. And with a sense of restless purpose rooted in the work of anti-racism. Apply today to go beyond for our students and families. 

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Become a Substitute

BCCS contracts with Teachers on Call for substitute teacher, educational assistant and custodial staff management. Anyone interested in serving as a substitute in BCCS should register with Teachers on Call. 

Become a substitute

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Become a Bus Driver

BCCS contracts with First Student for bus driver management. Anyone interested in serving in this essential role of bringing our students to and from school safely should apply with First Student. 

Become a Bus Driver

BCCS Core Values

Written on a foundation of student voice, our district core values communicate the culture and character of Brooklyn Center Community Schools.

We Go Beyond

What makes us different from other school districts? We take the time and effort to amplify voices before we develop ways of serving. We’re dedicated to radical intentionality, measuring success in lives changed. Every student. Every family. Every staff member. In a world where you can get by with meeting expectations, we go beyond.

It is always my goal to begin by building trusting relationships with students, their families, and other team members. In Brooklyn Center, we strive to center and amplify student voice."Amy Teigen, Center-Based Special Education Teacher at BCHS

I think Brooklyn Center is a magnet for people who are less interested in upholding norms, and more interested in radically changing problematic systems. Because of our community schools model, I have the privilege of working with many of these people inside and outside of the district."

Renee Starr, community schools manager

I go beyond by making sure the students are safe. I make sure they feel special. I want the families to know that their kids are well taken care of in my care and I would do any and everything to protect them like my own."Georgia Clark, Security Monitor at at BCE

The Details

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About BCCS

In Brooklyn Center, we want everything we offer to reflect the community we’re a part of. We use inclusive processes — amplifying student, staff and community voices — to shape district decisions, introduce programs, and inform curriculum choices. When we all contribute, we create a loving place where learners can thrive.

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Anti-Racism in BCCS

In Brooklyn Center, we advocate for social, economic and political change to meet the needs of our beautifully eclectic community.

Our Commitment to Equity