Our Strategic Plan

What we believe

  • Our Mission, Vision and Values communicate not only our aspirations, but give voice to the heart behind all action in our district. Our words are intentional — we unabashedly and unequivocally put students at the center.

  • Our Mission

    To become a justice-centered school community who fuels the unique genius of each student. 

    Vision Statement

    Brooklyn Center Community Schools endeavors to be a collective who demonstrates passion, pride and perseverance. 

    We will fiercely lead the way in justice-centered education, striving against the permanence of racism and oppressive systems while embracing a future where our diversity fuels learning. 

    With every breath in our bodies, every ounce of influence we possess, and through every challenge, we stand front and center with the young people we love and serve. 

    Click here to view a one-pager of our mission, vision and core values.


  • BCCS Core Values

    Written on a foundation of student voice, our district core values communicate the culture and character of Brooklyn Center Community Schools.

  • We stand front and center

  • We demonstrate passion, pride and perseverance

  • We acknowledge and disrupt oppressive systems

  • Our diversity fuels learning

  • We fiercely lead in justice-centered education