Community Schools in Brooklyn Center

Earle Brown student reading
  • Uniting Communities, Eliminating Barriers, Transforming Lives

    Brooklyn Center Schools is a Full-Service Community Schools District. Our mission is to work with families and the community to help ensure all of our children are socially, mentally, and physically prepared for an ever-changing world.

    Schools alone cannot provide all the services needed, which is why we are committed as a Full-Service Community Schools District. As a Community School District, we have a growing set of partnerships between our schools and community organizations to provide educational, enrichment and support services to students and families so that our children can be safe and stable in school, at home, and in the community. Partnerships help us to serve the whole child, including before and afterschool programs; mental, medical and dental services; academic supports; and family resource centers. Brooklyn Center Community Schools welcomes you to join us as we unite to eliminate barriers to learning and raise healthy and happy children together.

    By uniting community Brooklyn Center Community (BCCS) Schools strive to support the academic, social and emotional, and physical development of students and families, empowering them to become caring and responsible citizens at home and in the world.