About Community Schools

  • In 2009, Brooklyn Center Community Schools became the first Full-Service Community Schools' District in the state of Minnesota. With over 100 partners and programs (several of which are co-located), our goal is to provide access to services that will assist in the areas of academic achievement and attainment, health and wellness supports, and a number of social services that aid in the success of all.

    What is a Community School?

    • A set of school and community partnerships
    • A community hub
    • Is open most of the time
    • Serves the “whole” child
    • Integrated co-located, coordinated & comprehensive services
    • Provides access to health & family resources
    • Offers educational and support services to families and community members

    For more information on Brooklyn Center Community Schools, please contact Renee Starr at 763-561-2120 x2124 or visit the Coalition of Community Schools’ website at www.communityschools.org.

  • Pillars of Community Schools in BCCS

    In BCCS there are four pillars of Community Schools, including:

    • Active Family and Community Engagement: Essential for strong relationships, shared decisions and building capacity for all
    • Expanded and Enriched Learning Time and Opportunities: Extra learning time to support students’ academic, social, and emotional growth
    • Integrated Student Supports: A range of services and supports to address academic and nonacademic barriers to students’ education, wellness, and success
    • Collaborative Leadership and Practice: A shared vision and goals and shared responsibility that allows for individual expertise to be leveraged

    View the pillars of BCCS Community Schools.