Ready to Learn Plans Overview

  • BCCS to bring more students onsite in February and March

    Starting Monday, February 1, elementary students began the transition to the expanded campus hybrid model. Special populations of grades E-12 students began the limited campus hybrid model with onsite learning four days per week. Click here for more information about the learning model transition. 

    Starting Monday, March 1, students in grades 6-12 at Brooklyn Center Middle and High School and grades 9-12 at the Early College Academy will begin a staggered transition to the ECH model on Monday, March 1. Click here to learn more about middle and high school students beginning the ECH model in March. 

    Option 1: Flexible plans based on COVID-19 cases in our community. 

    In option 1, students and families can expect to move between one or more of the following learning scenarios throughout the school year. BCCS will follow the guidance provided by Governor Walz and the Safe Learning Plan to determine the model of learning in the school district using data from Hennepin County, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, and Minneapolis to help us understand the rate of COVID-19 transmission in our immediate community. 

    1. Distance Learning 2.0: All students participate in full-time online learning. Live virtual class sessions with grade-level instruction will take place four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). One day per week will be dedicated to additional one-on-one virtual support for students.
    2. Limited Campus Hybrid: BCCS will start the school year in this model through at least Friday, October 9. Most students in grades E-12 participate in full-time online learning. Select student groups will receive support onsite including students who receive educational support primarily in a special education setting (ex: center-based programs) and others to be determined. Mental health services, resources and other supports will continue to be available onsite for students and families.
    3. Expanded Campus Hybrid: A combination of in-person and online learning, students in grades K-12 will learn onsite two days per week and engage in online learning three days per week.
    4. In-person Learning: Grades K-12 students attend school every day, with additional precautions including wearing masks and practicing social distancing where possible.
Learning models
  • Option 2: BC Online, a full-time online learning program.  

    Families who want the certainty of full-time online learning with no movement between models may opt into the BC Online learning program. This option does not include any in-person instruction and will operate independently from the other plans. In order to ensure appropriate staffing levels, we ask that families who select this option commit to the program for a minimum of nine weeks, or an academic quarter. If you have any questions, please contact